A peek behind the curtains

A few weeks ago my old colleque Henk Beumers asked me to work with him on another stop motion project. This time for a commercial for Booking.com.

Just a few elements in the film are stop motion, like dancing shoes, a beach with crabs and a table with lobsters. But there are also life animals, actors and much more.
Cannot wait to see the final result !!

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How Do You Edit an Animated Film?

Working on a new film project ! For inspiration i came acros the next film on Vimeo. Thought i would share it with you, so you know what i am about to do.

Here's a question you may never have thought about before: what does an animation editor actually do? If scenes are just written and then animated, is their role any more than just connecting clips together? On the contrary, the role of an animation editor is actually one of the most important roles in shaping the film being made. Let's dive in and explore the job. For educational purposes only.

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Finally some stop motion !!

Eneco wanted to show their new colleaques how they work Agile.
In this case by making an animated film together. Everybody explains there discipline while cutting and animating the product there working on. But actually I was the one who helped out at the shoot and afterwards, by making all the animations. Finally a table with paper, knife and sticky gum. Camera in the air and the lights to fill my scene. Thanks for the great artwork by Ollanski. Camera by Reinoud Klazes and production by Artbox, thanks Sabine !

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Maria Barnas - The great hunger

Language as maker - In the 3-D animation The Great Hunger, 5 voices of shapes and sculptures by Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, Alfred Hitchcock, Martin Kippenberger and Michel Houellebecq, discuss their respective heritage, linked as they are, by actual and metaphoric holes in themselves. The humorous animation suggests that it is only language - and the interpretation of art history that the language is taken from - that sets them apart. The question of whether identity and supremacy is based on a choice of words underlies the conversation between the objects.

Till 22 october 2016 you can see or buy the whole film live in the Annet Gelink Gallery
Laurierstraat 187-189 Amsterdam

So I did the animations of the five objects representing the artists.

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Lanza commercials on RTL soon

For Lanza hair products we made three commercials which will be on TV in oktober 2016 !

With Ammon Carver and Natasja Keijzer who will demonstrate the power of the new Illuminator and Colorguard products. Using the All Weather Test in the Lanza Lab.

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Me And My Hero Website

ME AND MY HERO is a new website where you can get together with your hero and print it on a T-shirt. On this site you can make an avatar of yourself using a special designed tool. The hero's are made in the same drawing style, so it always looks nice. At this moment there are five players of Barcelona, but more hero's will show up on this site.

We made the intro animation of the website, where the hero's are introduced. And we made the explainer video which tells you how the tool works.

So you would like to be on a T-shirt with your hero, please visit www.meandmyhero.com and suprise yourself !!
Of course it is fantastic to make one for your friends or family. Live your dreams.

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In Memoriam

Kees Thijssen was my inspirator, my father and a good friend.

Rest in peace.

Bol.com commercial

Etcetera came to us for there new commercial in stop motion style. We did do the bow frame by frame and did shoot all the jewelery seperatly.

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Mercedes photo shoot

We had to wait 8 months for the new Mercedes Vans were ready to be shot. Four big cars in a very big studio. To save time and money we moved all our equipment to the Allard Studio's to do post production on location. This way the client, agency, photographer and post production could make decisions on short notice. After a few days everybody went home happy..

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Together with Reinoud Klazes and Ger Vendel we found a new office, studio on the 12th floor. Located in Amstelveen on the 'Laan van Kronenburg 14' in the former Kronenstede.
Come visit us for a nice cup of coffee or after four for a beer.

The Visitor is finally online.

After two years of festivals and other exposures around the world, we decided it was time to share it with the world. Take 9 minutes of your time to watch the whole movie.

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Read the article on Mentorless.

A filmmaking blog for indie storytellers. No mentors needed, just a curious mind.

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Fun to watch people talking about your film

The Visitor has won 2 prizes at the wildsound filmfestival.

Audience Award – Best Cinematography
Audience Award – Best Original Score

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